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No, not the vegetable.

Who here has heard of the reading app called Radish? When it was first released a year ago, it was only available on mobile devices and this is still the case.  They’re still making it suitable for all devices and there’s it will soon be accessible on the web but I’m not sure when.

Why am I talking about Radish?

They sought me out on Wattpad and asked me to write to them. You might be thinking Radish is yet another method of reading books for free but let me tell you, that’s not all there is to it. Yes you can read works for free, but authors can also make money from Radish.


It’s quite simple. Authors can choose to ‘publish’ their works using three different methods:

Free – this is as it sounds. Similar to Wattpad, you post your story and people read it for free. Simple.

Freemium – the first three chapters are free to read. After that, chapters are locked for 7 days after publication, requiring coins to unlock, before automatically unlocking after that one week period. Then they stay free. If readers use coins to unlock chapters before they become free, the author gets a commission from this.

Premium – the first three chapters are free to read. After that, all chapters require coins to unlock. They do not become free after a certain period, unlike the Freemium method. Once again, the author gets commission from coins earned.

Radish is becoming increasingly popular. There is one author already making $70,000+ a year! Unfortunately it isn’t me. 😉

However, the point is, Radish is becoming a thing. If people enjoy a story and want to keep reading, they’ll spend money to read more. And this is where I’m asking for your help.

I have three stories on Radish. One under each method. If you would like to read, and if you would like to support me financially as an author, I would really, really appreciate it. The commission is small, which is pretty normal even in the publishing world, so the more readers I get, the more commission I’ll get. One day I would love to earn money from my writing and this is a starting point. I would really love it if you could help.

Below is a list of my stories and their blurbs, currently available on Radish. You can even access the story by clicking on the picture under the title. Remember, though, you can only read if you have the app on your phone. Thank you in advance for your support.


Oceans Apart – Premium

Oceans Apart

Exclusive to Radish! A sweet, contemporary romance. Updated twice a week. Click on the picture above to read the story.


A family holiday. A cruise ship. Two sisters who don’t get on.

Nikki Eckhart has never had the desire to travel. She’s always been content sitting at home, running her home-based business and looking for Mr Right. But when she breaks up with her sixth boyfriend of the year, she realises something has to change. She’s wasting her life when she could be out there having fun. So when her her brother-in-law suggests a family holiday—a cruise—for her parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, Nikki can’t really say no.

As much as she knows this is a chance to finally enjoy life without a man on her arm, she dreads it. All because her sister, Katie, will be there. The one who makes Nikki’s life a living hell. Nikki goes along though, hoping she can figure out why her sister hates her so much and rekindle the relationship they once had many years ago.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet someone…a man named Gavin. And maybe, just maybe, he’s the Mr Right she’s spent years looking for.

Now, along with trying to fix the tattered relationship with her sister, she’s trying to pin down Mr Right too.

The holiday suddenly looks very interesting.


History Repeats – Freemium

History Repeats

A young adult story. Available on Wattpad and Radish, however updates are twice a week on Radish but only once a month on Wattpad. Click on the picture above to read the story.


“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Sally Mumfry thinks she’s invincible. Sleeping with her high school teacher is supposed to be harmless fun. No strings attached. Then all hell breaks loose. Her invincibility is lost and she has a huge decision to make.

A year later she finally has her life under control and it’s time to start University. Her lifelong dream is to become a veterinarian. Determined not to lose sight of this dream, she makes a firm resolution not to make the same mistake she did in high school. The university lecturers are OFF LIMITS.

That is, until she meets her veterinarian lecturer John Simpson…suddenly it’s looking like history is going to repeat itself and Sally doesn’t think she can stop it.


Always the Bride – Free

Always the Bride

This story is on Wattpad AND Radish in an attempt to get readers. Updates on Radish are twice a week. Click on the picture above to read the story.


I was just an ordinary girl—independent, a lover of life, easy-going, a girl who took everything in her stride—then I got my heart broken. Then I met Gregory. Then I got married. Then…my entire life became one big, complicated mess. I didn’t intend for it to get this out of control. But heartbreak and an emotional breakdown will make any girl do crazy things. It makes me do crazy things. My name is Teresa and I have an addiction. This is MY story.

Join Teresa in the first book of the ‘Always’ series. Also available on Wattpad with over 1 million reads!


If you decide to read, thank you. Please forward to people you know, help me get my name out there.

Thank you and enjoy!

Lisa ❤

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For those of us who have done NaNo before, you know what it’s like. The first week you’re rearing to go. You’re like a runner warming up for a race. You shake our any tension from your arms, fingers and neck. Everything is loose so you’re ready to attack the keyboard on the 1st November.

For the first week you’re steamrolling ahead. You live and breathe writing and you just know you can do it. You even find yourself thinking you might be able to reach the 50,000 words in week one. What a dream come true!

Then week two comes around and you hit a block. You begin to flag because you’ve overdone it in the first week and you collapse in exhaustion. You might lose a few days of writing, perhaps even the whole week, because, quite frankly, you’re ready to kick the computer to Timbuktu.

Then week three and four rolls around and you start getting a little enthusiasm back. It’s hard work but you slowly get working again and you’re tapping away at a snails pace, your eyes are drooping but you’re determined to reach the finish line. Come the 30th November, you make it and you cheer in delight but you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. Writing should be fun but you’ve spent the last month making it into a chore and suddenly the thought of writing makes you sick to the stomach.

Has anyone experienced that? The first year I did it, that’s exactly how I felt. Last year wasn’t so bad but I certainly flagged in the second week. So what I decided to do was list 10 ways to help you reach the end. I hope they help!

1. Plan your story out beforehand. Obviously if you’re reading this now there’s not a lot of planning time left but trust me, it makes life a lot easier. Even if you spend the first couple of days of NaNo planning, it won’t hurt because once you have a plan it’ll make writing in the upcoming days easier.

2. Pace yourself. The minimum word count per day to try and achieve is approximately 1,667. If you do that as a minimum you won’t have a problem. Obviously if you do more, that’s great but don’t stress yourself. That word count is very reasonable so if you’re struggling, set yourself that as a goal and only do more if you can.

3. Take regular breaks. I can’t stress this enough. Writing is tiring. Your body aches and your eyes get sore. General OH&S knowledge here. Take regular breaks and rest for a few minutes before getting back to the grind.

4. Take part in the NaNo forums and chat with other writers. These forms are a great place to hear experiences and share stories with other writers. It’s quite invigorating, encouraging and keeps you on the straight and narrow.

5. Don’t be afraid to take a day off. For some reason I can imagine hearing a collection of gasps at this comment. It’s true though, if you’re finding you’re struggling to write there is nothing wrong with taking a day off. Sure you’ll have to prioritise how many words you have to write each day to meet the goal but you’ll find it much easier than forcing yourself to write. This takes me on to number 6.

6. Don’t force the words to flow. Sometimes it happens, you can’t find the words, the story isn’t going where you want it to…it’s just not happening. It’s okay, don’t stress. This is perfectly normal. The key is don’t force it to happen because, trust me, the story will be crap. If you come to a block, leave it and come back to it later. I always encourage others to focus on writing another scene and tie it in later. The thing with NaNo is it’s just to get your rough draft down. December is the month when you can tidy it up and piece it together. Don’t worry about all that nitty gritty stuff now. Just focus on writing.

7. Use a pen and paper. Says she who uses her laptop / iPad / iPhone for everything. But believe it or not, using a pen or paper is awesome. You write a lot slower so your thoughts keep up with you and you’ll find you actually stick to your ideas better.

8. Talk to others and bounce your ideas off them. This is a fantastic way of getting your thoughts flowing again if you’ve come to a block. Sometimes when you think too hard about something it gets even harder to do. So rather than stressing about a word or a phrase, talk to someone and get their thoughts. You might even find that they have a better idea!

9. Sleep! You wouldn’t believe how many people deprive themselves of sleep in November. Look the truth is, NaNo is just for fun. No one sees what you do so why the hell would you deprive yourself of sleep? You’ll be surprised how much better you feel after a good night’s rest. Your thoughts are clearer and you might even find you have more ideas.

10. Lucky last… reward yourself! I’m not just saying reward yourself at the end of NaNo for completing it. I mean reward yourself during it too. Set weekly goals and if you meet it, give yourself a treat or do something that you really love that will encourage you to move on.

So with those in mind, good luck with NaNo. Don’t stress, take one day at a time and I know anyone is capable of doing it. However, if you can’t it’s not the end of the world. At the end of the day NaNo is just for fun, as I mentioned above, and it’s not a big deal if you don’t win. It’s an accomplishment to even try. We’re all winners in the end.

Good luck! 🙂

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Yes that’s right, it’s that time of year again and I’m super excited!

Here in Australia it’s only 3 hours and 4 minutes until it reaches midnight and NaNoWriMo officially commences. I had hoped to stay awake until midnight so I could start but after a big week at work, it’s looking very unlikely.

What am I writing this year, you may be asking? Well there’s a story I wrote a couple of years back that needs a complete face lift. I have decided to start from scratch and rewrite the entire thing. It’s a story line I’ve always been proud of but there’s so much lacking and I really do feel it could do better. Something about it just doesn’t feel right.

So that’s why I’ve given myself this challenge. Scrap what I’ve done, it’s time to start again. Since writing it I’ve learnt so much more about writing and have improved in so many ways. I’m positive I can make it better.

For those of you undertaking NaNoWriMo…good luck! For those that aren’t, why don’t you cheer us on? 50,000 words in 30 days is no easy feat, especially for those who have other commitments. I’m still a full time worker but I did it last year and I’m determined to do it again.

Like I did last year, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Who else is doing NaNo this year? Let me know in the comments below what you’re planning to write. I always love hearing what other people have planned. 🙂

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Over two days I have written 8170 words.

My aim on day one was to get to 5000 words. I wrote 5148. My aim on day two was to reach 10,000. Sadly I underachieved and only wrote 3022 words. However, since I only had two hours of writing time, I was happy with it.

My aim today is to reach 15,000 in total so that means I need to write 6830 words. It’s a big ask, especially since my parents are visiting, but I will try and reach it.

The best part about NaNoWriMo is the support. You can get support in the online forums. Or you can get support from the locals. Here in Adelaide, Australia, there are a lot of people taking part. As a result they organise meet ups so we can support each other.

Yesterday we had a ‘write in’. We got together, wrote, talked and threw ideas around. It was great. That’s where I got my writing done.

Well, I don’t have much else to report. It’s a lot of fun. I’m writing a brand new novel so it’s a real challenge but I’m loving every bit of it.

For those taking part, how are you going?

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Today I thought I would blog about characters and where people get their inspiration from. My aim is to get an insight on how other writers create them and hopefully help fellow writers who struggle with character creation. I know for some people, character creation can be a difficult task.

Being an avid reader of many books,  I’m always intrigued at what possessed the author to create certain characters.

Is the character based on the author? Is the character based on a friend, family member, enemy? Is it someone entirely of their imagination and has no relevance to people / things they know?

Take for example Gollum in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. What was Tolkien thinking when he created him? He’s such an unusual character and I really wish I knew. It’s funny, I had never really thought much about it but today I was watching The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey and it got me thinking. Hence this blog.

This is something that has always intrigued me. To me, character development is the most exciting part of creating and writing a novel. You can create anyone you want and make them who you want them to be. I get a thrill just writing about it!

So where do I get my character inspiration from? It’s simple – everything and everyone around me!

I use people I know – family, friends, work mates, acquaintances. Sometimes I’ll sit somewhere outdoors and just watch the goings on around me. This allows me to see how people act and I find I can gauge a lot about their personality. I listen to the way people talk, what they talk about and this gives me an idea of who my character will be. Will they be shy, giggly, outspoken, selfish, argumentative?

On wattpad.com I have a completed story called The Matchmaker. The main female character, Shannon, was an easy yet exciting character to create. One day I was watching Jane Austen’s Emma and the character of Emma was the type of person I imagined Shannon to be. Not wanting to plagiarise, I tweaked her to make her unique. In looks she has a bit of me in her when I was a teenager, a bit of my 16-year-old niece, a bit of my middle sister and a bit of my best friend. In personality she has a bit of Emma, a bit of my ex-best friend, a bit of my eldest sister and even a bit of a workmate.

Off topic just briefly – if you wish to read the story, go to the website and search for my username LisaStanbridge.

On topic again. The example of Shannon is just one example of one character but you get the gist of what I mean.

So this is my question to my fellow writers who are readers / followers – where do you get your character inspiration from? Leave a comment below. I hope that between me and the rest of you, we can provide some interesting reading to fellow writers and help to those who struggle to create characters.

If you read how other people create them, it might help you too or give you some new ideas. So, please leave a comment, let everyone know what inspires you!

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