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There’s a Trekkie and there’s a Trekkie. I fit into the latter. Let me explain the difference in my opinion…

Hardcore Trekkie

Being a Trekkie in the former sense is being a real hardcore Trekkie. This is the person who has seen every single episode of every single series, not to mention every single the movie. They know each alien race and what sort of ship they have. They can list off each Enterprise ship, including the number. They know every single character almost on a personal level and form a personal attachment to them. Heck, they know about every single ship of every single alien species and what they’re capable of! My husband is one of these and I know many others too. This list is not an exhaustive list, I know I’ve missed a lot which is why I am not and never will be a hardcore Trekkie.

Softcore Trekkie

This leads me into being a Trekkie in the former sense. As I said, I fit into this category. This is the person who has seen a few episodes of various series, not necessarily all of them, and enjoys watching them. When there’s a space battle happening they can easily recognise the Federation ships but struggle to identify any others. They do not, nor will they ever, remember each individual number of the different Enterprise ships. They understand the link between Romulans and Vulcans but that’s as far as it goes. They find it difficult to remember each alien species. The easiest way to do so is to say things like ‘the green one’ or ‘the one who can change into things’ or one of my favourites which drives my husband mad, ‘the one with the weird head that looks a bit like a velociraptor’. My husband always says ‘um darling, they’re Klingon’. Before any hardcore Trekkie’s hurt me, remember, I did say ‘looks a bit like’. Finally, they only really remember Jean Luc Picard because he was played by Patrick Stewart. Once again, this list is not exhaustive, it’s just to give you a basic picture.

So you can see what I mean when I say there’s a Trekkie and there’s a Trekkie. Now there is nothing at all wrong with being a Trekkie, in fact I think all Trekkies are awesome, and this blog is not to make fun of anyone at all. This blog is really just for a bit of fun. Although I would like to say one thing… I want everyone to see that not everyone is a hardcore Trekkie because sometimes, and I don’t mean to be rude here, hardcore Trekkies get annoyed at us softcore Trekkies because we don’t know as much as them. The fact is, we’re all equal in the sense that we enjoy Star Trek immensely. We all just have varying amounts of knowledge, or intellect.

Now, this actually reminds me of the time I watched the Star Trek movie that came out in 2009. I was still fairly new to the whole Star Trek thing but I had seen enough of the original series to have a rough idea of who was who. Some hardcore Trekkies may hate me for saying this because this is a very controversial topic but, I really enjoyed the movie.

*quickly ducks out of the way*

Okay, now I’ve confessed to that, let me tell you something… I watched the movie with an open mind and without much Star Trek knowledge and I know there was a lot of, what I will call, Star Trek flaws. That aside, I really did think it was a brilliant movie. Mind you, I watched it with my husband, the hardcore Trekkie, and I had to pause it every five minutes to let him vent about the next thing he saw that contradicted the original series.

Here are a couple of things I really did dislike about the movie. In order:

1. The Romulans are, quite frankly, terrible. Being a softcore Trekkie I have learnt that the Romulans and Vulcans are linked and I am slowly learning the differences. One thing that stood out immediately was how similar they looked. Yes there are many things that tell them apart but overall it’s obvious they are ‘related’ so to speak. So when I saw the movie and noticed that they had made Romulans nothing like Vulcans at all, I was appalled. In fact, I really hated the way the Romulans looked. They were more like gangsters with weird face tattoos. So…not impressed.

2. Spock and Uhura as a couple. Why, oh why did they have to do that? Oh wait I know, it’s Hollywood! People like romance, I understand that. Heck, I love a good feel good, romantic movie. But it never happened in the original series so why make it happen in the movie? Apart from the Romulan and Vulcan issue, this is the next thing that annoyed me the most about the movie.

3. Scotty. Need I say more? Hardcore Trekkies may agree with me on this… the actor who played Scotty just didn’t seem to know the character at all. He was too crazy to be Scotty. From what I’ve seen of the original series, Scotty isn’t that insane. I wasn’t really impressed with him.

4. Spock. Once again, need I say more? In the words of my husband, and I quote, ‘IT’S NOT SPOCK!’ In the movie his character was cool but he didn’t portray who Spock really was.

5. Finally, Chekov’s accent. Seriously dude, what were you trying to do? Yes I did my research so yes I know that he actually is Russian but in the movie his accent came across so FAKE! He sounded more French than anything and even that was bad. It made me wonder if he was raised in an England and never picked up the accent. I didn’t do THAT much research. That aside, his character was pretty awesome but the accent put me right off and I ended up in a fit of the giggles every time he talked.

There are a few other little things that irked me but they were the main ones. And as a softcore Trekkie, I’m quite proud of myself. Even my husband was impressed by my analysis and conclusion. However, I fear he hates me now because I said I enjoyed the movie. Ha! Well if that’s the case, I’m going to make it known on the World Wide Web that he likes the 2012 movie of Jane Eyre.

Anyway, that was off the topic and somewhat immature. *insert giggle here*

Back on topic again and in conclusion my question is this: Are you a hardcore Trekkie or are you a softcore Trekkie? As I said, this is my own personal opinion. Everyone has their own opinion and I want to know what it is, I am not one to force my opinion on people. I wrote this for a bit of fun.

Well that’s me done for now. In light of my first blog I did say I would write about anything, everything and nothing. This is yet another blog that shows that.

I hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment and let me know.

My final comment on Trekkies is… TREKKIES ROCK!

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