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I always find it fascinating what things people find amusing.

Take today for example. It’s a fairly dreary day in Adelaide, Australia and it’s been raining on and off all morning. I work next to a window so I get to see many weather changes throughout the day. Well at one point this morning, it started to hail. The moment it started, everyone that works on my floor (about 25 of us) all ran to the window to check it out. They were pointing and smiling and saying ‘look! It’s hailing!’

Now why were these people, including me, so amused? We rarely get hail! It’s like snow, we don’t see it often so when we do, we’re awestruck. When I started work this morning it wasn’t very chilly and I think that’s what surprised people most. The chill factor must have lowered enough to cause it to hail.

The other factor is, until the last year or two, we’ve had years of drought. Rain became so scarce people reacted the same way toward rain as they did to the hail. Of course, things have changed now and the drought isn’t as bad as it once was. Still, we’re amused by these little things because we either don’t get it often, or once upon a time we had to live without it.

Amusement is a funny thing I find.

What amuses you?

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To anyone that read yesterday’s blog about me returning to work, here is a follow on.

Today I returned to work. The end.

Just kidding. Well I am proud to say that my return to work was not as terrible as I initially thought it would be. In fact it was surprisingly painless. Ok, ok I’ll be honest… it was painless in the morning but in the afternoon it was busy, busy busy. Still, people were friendly and I was able to ease back into it.

This afternoon I was given an ‘urgent’ assignment. I was given strict instructions that it needed to be done by the end of the day. I worked my butt off to get it done in time only to get to the end of the day and be told ‘oh it’s ok, you can’t finish it until tomorrow’. Seriously? Why do employers do that? I pulled my hair out and had a 5 minute lunch to ensure I got it done now you’re saying you don’t care?

Anyway that’s my only rant on my return to work, other than that it went surprisingly well. The worst part is the fact that I already have that horrible feeling… the feeling that I haven’t actually been on holidays. Sigh. How depressing.

However, I am proud to say I did not die upon my return to work. Thanks to those who commented and made me feel better, Andrew and Lisa especially.

So I don’t have much else to say. I think tomorrow is going to be another stressful day as I continue to work on the so-called ‘urgent’ task. I wonder what they’ll say about it in the morning. I can’t wait to find out! *note sarcasm*

Hmmm now I need to think of what my next blog will be about. It’s time to write something exciting. Any ideas, let me know. Otherwise I will write about anything, everything and nothing, as I said I would in my first blog.

Bye for now!

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