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There are people in today’s world that have the luxury to work from home. There are other people who run their own successful business from home. They don’t have to worry about actually getting up super early to get to work on time.

I am not one of those people.

I have a full time job and I am up early every morning that I work in order to be at work by 7:30am. I’ll be honest, it’s not the life I like, albeit want. My job isn’t a bad one, in fact it’s a really good government job and one that many people envy. I work in the IT industry as a Test Analyst. I enjoy what I do but it’s not what I love. It means my life is taken up with work, work and more work.

I’ve established already that writing is my life and I would pretty much do anything, within reason, to make writing my career. That brings me to the subject of this blog… returning to work after the holidays. I’ve had 2 weeks off work and it has been a wonderful break. Returning to work after the holidays is always difficult for me, I enjoy being away from work a little too much. This time in particular I have spent so much time writing it has been absolute bliss so returning to work is probably ten times harder than usual.

The feeling of dread started to appear in the pit of my stomach about a week ago. I pushed it aside though as I reminded myself that I still had a week off. I continued writing but now it’s Sunday afternoon and tomorrow is my first day back at work after 2 weeks off. I can’t really think about much else. Needless to say the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach has worsened somewhat and I am really hating the idea of returning to work.

I’ve tried everything to make the feeling go away but nothing is working. The only thing that’s keeping my mind off of it is the novel I’m currently working on and writing this blog. It’s better than nothing I suppose so my plan is to just write and write and write until I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

Does anyone else have this problem when they return to work after the holidays? How do you make the transition back into work without screaming and crying your eyes out? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry this blog is a little bland, I just felt it was time to update so I decided to write about the one thing that is on my mind right now. Sigh. One day I will be able to focus my time on writing full time rather than working full time. It will take time but I will do my best.

That’s me, over and out.

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