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So I’ve been absent for a long, long time and I have no excuse apart from… I’ve had blog block!

All you writer’s out there, I’m sure you’ve experienced writer’s block. Blog block is exactly the same but it’s only related to blogs. I’ve been steaming ahead on my writing, which is great, but sadly my blogs have been lacking.

Every time I say I’m going to do better, I get more and more blocks. It drives me insane and I feel so bad for not producing anything. I don’t know whether any of my followers notice my absence but then I realise that this is my problem. I mean how can my followers miss what I blog about when I don’t blog?

So I need to work at being missed, you know? I need to blog regularly so one day you might think ‘I haven’t heard from Lisa for a while, I hope she blogs soon’. So this is the new me. I will blog more. I know I’ve said it before and I know I’ve said that before but I’m really trying. I actually miss it. I need to think up new blog ideas. I’m even thinking of reviewing books – both professional and amateur. So keep an eye out for more blogs. I will be doing my best.

If you have anything you want to read, pop a comment below and I’ll think about it.

Bye for now and hopefully my absence won’t be so long next time. Fingers crossed I can do it this time!

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On Wednesday 11th December 2013, I saw Bon Jovi live at AAMI stadium in Adelaide. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and own every single one of their albums. So to say I was excited about this night is an understatement.

The only disappointing thing was the support act, Kid Rock. I am not a Kid Rock fan at all, I’ve never enjoyed his music so having to put up listening to him in concert was torture. I know there are some fans out there, and that’s fine, but I’m not one of them.

As for Bon Jovi, let’s just say, they didn’t disappoint. The picture above is of their stage setup, also known as Sophia. It is one of the most stunning, if that’s the right word, stages I have ever seen. When they were on stage, the lights flashed and it often seemed as though the car was moving.

When the background music started, the band gradually came out on stage and the crowd roared. But of course, as soon as Jon appeared on stage, the roaring turned into ear piercing screaming. I’m not going to deny I was one of them. 🙂 For 51 years of age, he’s still got the looks, the charisma and, dare I say it, the sex appeal.

Oh yes, I know, he’s a happily married man with children but we females can letch, can’t we?


This was one of the first photos taken when the concert started. I was in the stands so I didn’t have a clear view of the bad but the screens were good and there’s a nice picture of Jon. *Swoon*

The starting song was ‘That’s What the Water Made Me’ from their new album ‘What About Now’.

After that Jon greeted the crowd, which of course resulted in even more screaming. Next they rocked the stadium with the good ol’ faithful ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’. Let’s just say by not even halfway through the concert I had totally lost my voice.

As the night progressed, they played music and sang to their hearts’ content, making the 50,000+ attendees extremely happy and full of life. Jon has a way about him. He says just the right thing to make people feel they’re special. And do you know what I think is great? Jon is such a genuine guy in real life, he doesn’t say it to rile a crowd, he says it because he really does mean it. His fans mean the world to him because without them, him and the band wouldn’t be where they are now.

Check out the awesome curls of the one and only David Bryans..



Sorry it’s a little blurry, it was getting dark but you can’t miss those curls anywhere. Someone made the quip that he still had an 80s perm but I have since found out they are his natural curls.

The whole concert was a success and the night was awesome. But for me the highlight was when they sang ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ and turned it into a medley of different songs. Each band member had a chance to start and sing their own song, or at least parts of songs. Phil X, who is filling in for Richie Sambora, sang the ACDC song ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’. That whole section was insanely brilliant and had the crowd cheering louder than ever.

What really added to the amazing night was not long after Jon and the band first started, we had the most exquisite sunset. It was beautiful.

Here is the set list from the concert, and to be honest I feel this is one of their best set lists yet. The songs chosen for that night were, in my opinion, the best set list by far. Tell me what you think:

– That’s What the Water Made Me

– You Give Love a Bad Name

– Raise Your Hands

– Lost Highway

– Whole Lot of Leavin’

– It’s My Life

– Because We Can

– What About Now

– We Got It Goin’ On

– Keep the Faith

– When We Were Beautiful

– Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

– Diamond Ring

– (You Want to) Make a Memory

– Born to Be My Baby

– We Weren’t Born to Follow

– Who Says You Can’t Go Home

– I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (w/ Start Me Up, Great Balls)

– Bad Medicine (w/ Shout)


– Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars

– Work for the Working Man

– Wanted Dead or Alive

– Have a Nice Day

– Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry cover)

– Livin’ on a Prayer

So thoughts? Personally, I thought it was awesome. It would have been great to hear ‘Always’ and ‘Bed of Roses’, but I’m not disappointed. The set list was perfect, in my opinion. However, on Tuesday night, Bon Jovi played his last concert of the tour in Brisbane. They even had a live stream which I watched from the comfort of my own home. He played ‘Always’ there so I was like a cat who got the cream. It was a perfect way to feed my Bon Jovi addiction. 🙂

That’s all from me. It was a wonderful night and this concert has just proven me that the whole Bon Jovi band still has it. I miss Richie, I won’t deny it, but he’s made his choice and he’s not there. However, Phil X was amazing in his place and the band have still continued playing brilliantly in Richie’s absence.


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Today I read an article on news.com.au about breakup texts. You can see the article here:

Breakup Texts to Finish a Relationship For Good

After reading this, it inspired me to write this blog. My question to you is, is it wrong or is it okay to break up over text?

My opinion is this: I think it’s the cowardly way out. Many people today don’t like confrontation so rather than facing someone and saying ‘sorry this isn’t working out, I want to break up’ they go to other extremes to do it. It’s not just text messages either. Here are some other ways of breaking up that I’ve either witnessed or heard of:

 – Get a friend to tell your boyfriend / girlfriend instead then go into hiding.

 – Just stop talking to the person you want to break up with and ignore them all together.

 – Sleep with someone else and get purposely found out

Okay, seriously people it’s time to stop being such a wuss. If you’re really that disinterested in someone and want to end the relationship, do the decent thing and tell them to their face. There is nothing worse than going out with someone then they suddenly stop talking to you. You’re left confused and wondering what went wrong. Not to mention the confidence you once had being totally squashed.

This happened to me when I was 17. I was going out with a guy from school. He was my first ‘official’ boyfriend. I thought things were going well but then suddenly one day he just stopped talkingto me. If I tried to call around, his parents would say he wasn’t home. If I tried to phone him he wouldn’t answer. When I saw him at school, he ignored me. I had become nobody to him. And it bloody hurt. Then one day I heard he had another girlfriend. Yeah real smooth. It was like being kicked in the nuts… not that I have any but you get my gist.

And the worst part is, I never found out what went wrong. We did start talking again about six months later and I questioned him but he pretended to not hear me and it was never discussed. I gave up asking in the end, knowing full well I wouldn’t get an answer.

The same thing happened a few years later when I was around 21.

I wanted to know what went wrong. There is nothing worse than not knowing. I mean, what if I was a bad kisser or I just sucked at relationships? If I’m not told, how can I improve it for the next poor soul I go out with? Needless to say, I didn’t have another boyfriend after the last one at 21, until I was around 25. That was when I met the man who is now my husband. Somehow I did something right with him. But my confidence in relationships and with the opposite sex was low and I was petrified of doing something wrong. Even now, we’ve been married for nearly 5 years, I’m still petrified of doing something wrong because in the back of my mind I fear I’m going to make the same mistake I did all those years ago. Even though I don’t know what that mistake was.

But all I’m saying is, do the decent thing and break up properly. Talk about it, tell them what’s bothering you and what’s not working. Otherwise the other person is going to be left wondering what they did wrong and it is going to destroy every inch of their confidence.

Please don’t think I’m being sexist and writing this purely from a woman’s perspective. Yes I’m a woman and yes women react differently to this sort of thing. However, I know this sort of thing does happen to men and belive it or not, it ruins their confidence too. They just don’t tend to express their emotions as much.

All I’m saying is personally I don’t think it’s okay to break up over text. Nor do I think it’s okay to just suddenly ignore that person and never give answers. Men and women should all do the right thing and talk about what went wrong so they can both learn what not to do next time.

Does anyone else have opinions on this?

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Before I start, this is not a dig at anyone in particular. Everything in this is my personal opinion and I am not intending to cause offense to anyone.

Everyone has their own beliefs about Christmas. Some people celebrate it, others don’t. I fall into the latter and never have since I was born. I don’t miss it, if anything I’m relieved I don’t have the stress of it. That said, I don’t go around telling people they shouldn’t celebrate it just because I don’t. What they do is up to them and I respect that.

However, there are things that really annoy me about the Christmas season. And you know what? I’ve spoken to many people who are really into celebrating it and they agree with me.

Here are five things that annoy me about the Christmas season:

1. The stress of having to buy presents for everyone you know, friends, family, other long-distance relatives etc.

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, this is one thing that bugs me. I watch how stressed people get having to buy so many gifts, and in my eyes it defeats the purpose. After all, isn’t Christmas supposed to be about giving? If you really want to give people something, why stress about it? Relish in the happiness you get from buying them something you know they’re going to love. After all, ‘there’s more happiness in giving than in receiving’, right?

2. The financial burden Christmas puts on people

People feel they should spend big and they get into bigger debt as a result of it every year. And believe it or not, many of the receivers expect to get expensive gifts – iPads, new cars, holidays – just to name a few. If it’s supposed to be about giving then the receivers should be happy with whatever they get. Why expect so much?

3. The selfish people

Need I say more? When I go shopping, the shops are choc-a-block full of people and the majority of them are so selfish. All they want is to get the best bargains they can and barge through as many people as they can, not caring if they hurt or frustrate anyone. Hello! It’s not all about you!

4. The crazy drivers

This ties in to number three. People just want to get from one place to another as quickly as possible and they care about no one but themselves. This causes accidents, which then means more expense. Then you get them trying to shift the blame even though they were the ones in the wrong.

5. My biggest peeve… those who try to force people like me to celebrate Christmas

Hey, mate I don’t say you should stop celebrating it so the least I expect is the same sort of treatment from you. Please, don’t tell me what you think I should be doing. I don’t celebrate it, it’s that simple, and I’m not bothered by it so don’t go forcing your opinion down my throat. You will never change my mind, I promise.

As I said, these are my opinions based on what I have observed and I know other people who feel the same way. I will reiterate once more… I am not out to cause offense.

So now that I’ve spoken my mind, tell me, whether you’re a celebrator or if you’re not, is there anything else that annoys you about this time of year?

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On Wednesday 4th December, me and my husband went to see the band, Muse live in concert.

Their opening act was Birds of Tokyo. I thought I didn’t know many of their songs but was surprised how many I did know. It turns out I’ve heard many of them but didn’t realise it was them. Anyway, they were a good opening act but not great. Their music is great, I can’t fault that. However, the performance of the front man (I don’t even know his name, shocking!) was much to be desired.

To put it bluntly, he danced about like a fairy. As he jiggled around on stave, waving his hands around like he was imitating an airplane, I found myself looking away, unable to stand watching him. As I said, the music was great but I was cringing every  time I saw him ‘dance’. I think Mr Bean would have been a better dancer than him.

So apart from that, great music and I would happily buy their albums now but I won’t see them live in concert again. I’m just glad they were a support act and I didn’t buy tickets just to see them.

On to Muse… well there is only one word that describes their performance. Incredible! The band knows how to put on a great show and front man, Matt Bellamy has so much charisma you can’t not like their performance. It was absolutely breathtaking.

At the end of 2010, I saw Bon Jovi live in Sydney. At the time I deemed that the best concert I had ever seen. He and the band are much like Muse, they just know how to do a great show and Jon’s charisma is on a par with Matt’s. But after seeing Muse, they have surpassed Bon Jovi. It kills me to say it, I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan, but seriously the Muse concert was just, dare I say it again, incredible.

When I say surpassed, it is only by a little bit. They are both brilliant and it is a hard choice. But Muse’s music is very different to Bon Jovi’s and their performance is different. But they definitely both know how to put on a show.

Although I’m very excited to say I”ll be seeing Bon Jovi live in Adelaide next week (Wednesday 11th December) so I will revisit my opinion and decide if I still think Muse are a little better. It’s a tough call!

Has anyone else been to any good concerts lately?

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I always find it fascinating what things people find amusing.

Take today for example. It’s a fairly dreary day in Adelaide, Australia and it’s been raining on and off all morning. I work next to a window so I get to see many weather changes throughout the day. Well at one point this morning, it started to hail. The moment it started, everyone that works on my floor (about 25 of us) all ran to the window to check it out. They were pointing and smiling and saying ‘look! It’s hailing!’

Now why were these people, including me, so amused? We rarely get hail! It’s like snow, we don’t see it often so when we do, we’re awestruck. When I started work this morning it wasn’t very chilly and I think that’s what surprised people most. The chill factor must have lowered enough to cause it to hail.

The other factor is, until the last year or two, we’ve had years of drought. Rain became so scarce people reacted the same way toward rain as they did to the hail. Of course, things have changed now and the drought isn’t as bad as it once was. Still, we’re amused by these little things because we either don’t get it often, or once upon a time we had to live without it.

Amusement is a funny thing I find.

What amuses you?

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Do you have that one song that just does it for you? The one that causes goosebumps to appear all over your body? The one that makes you smile and stare off wistfully into space? The one that makes you daydream about what is or what was?

I think we all do. For me it’s Amazed by Lonestar. Do you know the one?

Why is it so special? Well, this is going to sound cliche and corny but it’s true. It was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. Sappy? Of course! But what makes it so special is the fact that my husband is not a very romantic or sentimental person. As a result it made choosing our wedding waltz song almost impossible.

We spent hours pouring over CDs and having no success whatsoever. But then when we found Amazed and we both looked at each other and said ‘this is it!’ it showed a side of him I hadn’t seen much of before. A side that showed he has got a soft spot but he doesn’t show it often.

The lyrics are just so us. Google it, you will see what I mean.

Our wedding day was really special and dancing to a song that we both loved just topped it off. Now whenever I hear the song, I get teary and wistful. When I say wistful, I mean thinking back on that day and wishing I could experience it again. After nearly five years of marriage, we are still going strong. If anything we’re stronger and that song is a reminder of what we have.

Is there a song that does it for you? Tell me below!

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I decided to blog about something different today. It’s not about writing this time. Instead, it’s about routines. Who has a routine they stick to?

I think we all do. Who sticks to it religiously though?

Routines are funny things. Some people don’t have them because they feel they don’t need them. I’m envious of those people! But the truth is I only have one routine I religiously follow. That is my morning routine. Do you know why? It’s simple. Mornings are not my friends.

I’m a night owl, not a morning person. When a morning comes around and I have to wake up to an alarm, it’s like my worst nightmare. The only thing that helps me get through the morning is by sticking to this routine that I have. If I don’t stick to it, it totally ruins my day. I feel rattled and like I’m doing everything backwards. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

So what is this routine I follow?

Well, it all starts when my alarm goes off at 5:30am. Of course I hit the snooze button. Then I spend the next nine minutes trying to waken myself from my zombie-like state. Then at 5:39am, the alarm sounds again. By this point I am a little more lucid but far from responsive.

I stay in bed for a few more minutes then finally crawl out at 5:44am. First I go to the toilet then I jump straight in the shower. While I’m in the shower, my husband gets my lunch and makes me my morning cuppa.

My husband is wonderful. He insists on getting up with me even though he doesn’t need to. He works for himself so he can lie in if he wants to but he refuses. He doesn’t like staying in bed when I have to get up and go to work. He’s so sweet like that.

Once I’m showered, I style, blow dry and straighten my hair. Just a quick off topic comment – my hair isn’t curly. Technically it’s straight but it’s not the sort of straight that will dry perfectly into position. I have this one wave that makes my hair kink like crazy. If I don’t style it, it looks terrible. So I spend a good 20 minutes on my hair getting it just right.

When that is done, I go back to my room. I take five minutes out to drink my cuppa and have a bit of a chat with my husband. We’re both terrible morning people but we still manage to hold a civilised conversation. After that I get ready.

This is where you’re going to roll your eyes and go ‘I can’t believe she does that’!

I get ready in a certain order. My underwear goes on first. Then my right sock, followed by my left. My trousers go next. Before putting my top on, I go to brush my teeth then I put it on. I don’t trust myself. I dribble toothpaste all the time. It’s embarrassing.

Then finally, I pack my bag, kiss my husband goodbye and leave for the bus. By this point it’s 6:40am and my bus arrives at 6:44am.

Once I arrive at work, approximately 6:55am, the first thing I do is turn my computer on. This takes forever because our computers are dinosaurs. We’re still on Windows XP and my hard drive still has a floppy disk drive. Embarrassing, much?

While that is doing its job, I fill up my water bottle. This only takes 30 seconds at most and by the time I sit down at my desk, my computer isn’t even on the welcome screen. By the time my logon screen and I actually log on, it’s almost 7:10am. Yes, it takes that long.

I take another five minutes to check my emails, check the news then I’m ready to start my day.

As I said, routines are funny things. But without this routine, every morning and every day would be a trial. I have to admit that when my routines go right, which is most days, my days at work are more tolerable. Of course there are moments when my routine flops but they are few and far between. Thank goodness too because seriously, my days are terrible when that happens!

So tell me, am I the only one that sticks to religious routines like this? What other type of weird and wacky routines are there? Let me know!

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light bulb

I’ve come to realise something. I like to call it a ‘light bulb moment’.

You see over the last few weeks, or should say months (has it really been that long? How embarrassing), I’ve been struggling to find something to blog about. Somehow in my mind I got thinking that my blog can only EVER be about me as an author, my writing progress et cetera. But then I had this light bulb moment.

I can write whatever I want!

Not everyone blogs about one particular thing. Yes some people do stick to a theme, which I think is great but so not me, and other people write about whatever tickles their fancy at the time. This is the category I fall in. I titled my blog ‘My Creative Flows’ for a reason. It’s not just because I’m an author and writing is my life. It’s because it’s a place for me to write about whatever I want.

Any form of writing – novels, blogs or newspaper articles – is a talent, a skill. Sadly, not everyone can do it. But I think that if you have the talent to put thoughts into words then do it. So many people enjoy reading and they will read almost anything if it captures their interest.

So now that I have some sort of clarity, I intend to blog more. I don’t want to bore people, I’m petrified of doing that, but I will write what I’m passionate about. If you write what you’re passionate about, people will enjoy reading it because it shines through the words.

With that said, expect the unknown! This brings me back to my first ever blog titled ‘Anything, everything and nothing’. I said in there that my blogs will literally about anything, everything and nothing. I am blogging because I love writing and I will write whatever I feel like writing about. If people don’t enjoy it, they don’t have to read it.

For those that do take the time out to read it, I do hope they enjoy it. I hope that what I write really shows people how passionate I am about writing and even about that particular subject.

So on that note, I will end this blog. Already my mind is churning with ideas for my next blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll blog about a dog in a pink tutu.

Then again, maybe not.

Bye for now and I promise, I will  blog more and I will blog about anything.

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‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. This is my favourite novel and it is also considered to be one of the most beloved books of all time.

I adore Jane Austen’s writing. Apart from Pride and Prejudice I also love Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Mansfield Park. Her other novels are also great but the four aforementioned are my favourites. Pride and Prejudice will always take the bait for me. In complete honesty I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read the book and I’m not sick of it one bit. I just find it so thrilling to read and once I start I can’t stop.

A few years ago I bought Amanda Grange’s book ‘Mr Darcy’s Diary’ so what I do now is I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and immediately follow with ‘Mr Darcy’s Diary’. Let me tell you now, there are so many novels out there from Mr Darcy’s POV and I have read my fair share of them but Amanda Grange’s version is absolutely brilliant. To anyone that hasn’t read it, I highly recommend it.

What boggles my mind is the fact that ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is considered to be a love story yet there are many men who adore it. It’s not a bad thing, in fact I think it’s wonderful that men are not afraid to say they like it. What I want to know is why is this acceptable for men to read but they wouldn’t be caught dead reading any other  love story?

Do you know what I think? I think it’s a lot to do with Mr  Darcy, hence the title of my blog.

To the female species, he is a male figure we portray as the perfect gentleman, the way men should be. I’m not trying to be sexist but let’s face it, there are not many gentlemen around nowadays is there? I’m not denying there aren’t any because I know there are, but they are so hard to find.

However, to the male species, Mr Darcy is a good example to follow. Yes you might argue that Mr Darcy is arrogant, conceited and rude but you can only really say that if you don’t know his character well. If you really read and study ‘Pride and Prejudice; you see that a lot of it is to do with his upbringing. Once his eyes have opened to what is right and wrong, he changes. This is where Amanda Grange’s ‘Mr Darcy’s Diary’ is worth reading as she has him worked out so well.

My question, as per my blog title, is this: Is Mr Darcy really all that? Personally I think he is. I’m a married woman and I love my husband to bits but he knows I fancy the pants off Mr Darcy. 🙂 so please, tell me, why is Mr Darcy so special? What do you think of him?

I decided it was time to blog about something where YOU as the reader had input, so please comment! I want to know what you think.

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